Chaos Sumo

Chaos Sumo is Smart Object Storage

Turns Amazon S3 into a hot, searchable, intelligent data store

No coding. No scaffolding. Never move your data.

  • Instant visibility into all your S3 data
  • Automatically organize and model your data
  • Run reports, visualize and query your data


Data can be a nightmare. Its messy. We wrestle the chaos.

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What is Chaos Sumo?

Chaos Sumo is Smart Object Storage™. It is a set of services for searching, cataloging, modeling, and analyzing all your data in Amazon S3.

Key Features 00

Serverless, Hands-off Infrastructure

Focus on your data, not your infrastructure

Lightning Fast Data Discovery

Quickly discover what’s in your S3 buckets, regardless of data type or size

Easy Data Modeling

Quickly prepare, organize and sort data into “virtual bucket” result sets

Virtual Buckets

Unlimited “virtual buckets” can be static or live and directly queried

Simple Queries

Query right within S3, or publish to a higher-level service like Redshift or Tableau

Secure and Durable. And Fast.

Amazon S3 is the underlying data store; enough said. And it’s fast; tuned for performance


A fully S3 compatible API turns S3 into an application framework. Code directly in S3

Data Pipelines

Build virtual data pipelines directly within S3. Collapse data scaffolding and reduce cost

Fast Data Discovery 01

Immediate visibility into everything in your S3 buckets

  • Turns Amazon S3 into a hot, searchable, smart data store
  • Discover overall content distribution, structure, type, size and history of your objects
  • Catalogs S3 and expose rich metadata that can be harvested for analytics
  • Comprehensive analysis and visibility into your S3 buckets and associated data
  • Non intrusive and supports all data sources including CSV, LOG, JSON, Text, Image, Video
Refine, Query and Publish Data 02

Easily model primary customer data with disjoined, disparate, messy data exhaust

  • Group and combine ‘like’ data sources into logical filtered sets
  • Structure, aggregate, and correlate object groups into logical views
  • S3 buckets become result sets that can be queried and/or published
  • Direct analysis or one click publish to analytics or visualization services
Data Management Studio 03

An intuitive design studio provides a high definition overlay to the S3 console

  • Eliminates data silos combining data into a universal and useable format
  • Turns Amazon S3 into a powerful, self-organizing data lake
  • Single console for data discovery, data prep and visualization, with 1 click integration to other services
  • No coding required, no scaffolding to build, no massive IT projects
Intelligent Data Platform 04

API for building intelligence into Amazon S3

  • Fully compatible Amazon S3 API with discover, refine and query extensions
  • Quickly ingest disparate data sources, virtually transform, and egress out for publishing
  • Build live virtual buckets, pipelines and triggers
  • No infrastructure required, no physical transform or ETL
  • Microservice architecture, we’ve taken care of the infrastructure so you don’t have to

Why Chaos Sumo


Developers can code directly in S3; quickly scrub, clean, munge and refine data without having to use complex languages like R and SQL, and build applications, pipelines, connectors and new solutions on the fly.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers can architect and build virtual data pipelines and scaffolding directly in S3, and eliminate unnecessary cloud resources and business logic, such as ETL code. No ingest required, and ETL is “virtual”.

Data Analysts

Data Analysts can quickly explore what is in their S3 buckets and get immediate visibility into files and data structures, with instant modeling of messy data sources through a drag and drop studio or through an S3 compatible REST API.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists can dive deeper into data and explore relationships that can lead to new insights, without having to wait for complex infrastructure and scaffolding to be built.  Quickly turn the unknown into knowable, and actionable.