Organize, Unify and Analyze Your
Data Lake Directly in S3

Data Lake Unification and Analytics Service with Unmatched Speed, Scalability and Accuracy

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Store Your Data in S3 and Never Move It

Get started by putting all of your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into AWS S3 for easy, elastic object storage.


Quickly Discover and Organize Your Data

With Chaos Sumo’s simple wizard-based interface you can quickly discover the content of your buckets, search and filter data, and organize it into logical folders.


Normalize and Model
Your Data

Within S3, clean and prepare data in minutes, turning raw object storage into structured result sets. No ETL. No complicated data prep tools. Never move your data.


Ask Questions and Get Answers from Your Data

Query data directly in S3 with REST; run ad-hoc queries; or connect to visualization tools like Tableau or Looker.


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Why Chaos Sumo?

Fast Data Insights

Chaos Sumo’s streamlined analytics service empowers data professionals to get more out of Object Storage at a low cost. A new virtual file format unifies disparate data sources into a single, logical representation taking raw data sources to blended insights quickly.

Reduce Storage Costs

A new “Data Edge” virtual file format reduces raw data below compression minimums while supporting both relational and text-based search. Chaos Sumo’s compression capabilities enable aggregation and correlation at a fraction of the result set size.

Eliminate Physical ETL

Collapse infrastructure and never move your data with Chaos Sumo. Quickly clean, prepare, model and perform “what if” analysis of your object storage data lake without spinning up other services.

“Schema on Read” Agility

Chaos Sumo makes on-demand data modeling fast and easy by unifying and structuring your S3 data lake, providing versatile “schema on read” organization of your data.


The Data Edge Technology

The Data Edge unique virtual file format significantly decreases object storage size and reduces costs with instant normalization, compression and indexing – in minutes.

Chaos Sumo Data Edge Technology Diagram

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