Turn S3 Into a Warm, Searchable Elastic Cluster

You can’t gain insights from data you throw away. If you’re a SaaS business today, data is driving your business. Chaos Sumo empowers you to affordably store, search and analyze all of your log and event data, whenever you need it.

Stream Log & Event Data to S3

Get started by streaming all log and event data, from all sources, directly into AWS S3.

Quickly Organize & Group All Data

Automatically group, tag and catalog log and event data in S3 based on type or source.

Instantly Normalize & Index Data

Normalize all log and event data types. Fully index the data, eliminating the need to ever re-index.

Search & Visualize with the Kibana

Easily search and visualize warm, long-term data with the Elasticsearch API or Kibana integration.


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Reduce the Cost & Complexity of Your Long-term, Warm Elastic Stack Cluster

Scale your data not your infrastructure.
Chaos Sumo is a cloud analytics platform that extends the power of Elastic Stack onto S3. Reduce the cost and complexity of your warm and long-term storage cluster.
Get answers with fast text search and relational queries.

Automatically Index ALL of Your Log & Event Data

Data Size = Data Cost

Instantly Reduce Your Indexed Data Footprint with Chaos Sumo.

Your Raw Log & Event Data
Chaos Sumo Indexed Data

* Data indexing size may vary based on data type.

Chaos Sumo automatically reduces the footprint of your log and event data by 80% making it affordable to store and analyze over months and years. Fully index all of your log data stored in S3 and easily analyze the stored files using text search and relational querying.

Why Chaos Sumo?

Scale your data not your infrastructure. Add more capacity, reduce nodes, and minimize operational and management costs. Turn your S3 into a searchable Elastic cluster.

Chaos Sumo instantly consolidates your log data sources into one centralized location on S3. Automatically catalog, group and index data for further analysis – at 1/10th the cost of Elasticsearch.

Get deep visibility into your data, over time. With Chaos Sumo, your data is indexed once, allowing you to easily conduct basic text searches, or more sophisticated relational queries including data aggregation, correlation and JOINs.

Enable advanced indexing and modeling across months and years of data to uncover new insights and predict future failures or security concerns based on patterns associated with past anomalies.

See how you can finally achieve affordable and scalable long-term log & event data storage and insight.

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