Self-service AWS S3 Data Discovery & Analytics

Your S3 Data is valuable! Use Smart Object Storage to discover, organize and analyze your AWS data, all in one place.

AWS S3 Data Discovery

We Wrestle The Data Chaos So You Can Make Better Decisions, Faster

  • Discover Your AWS S3 Data

    Quickly discover what’s in your AWS S3 buckets – content distribution, structure, type, size and history of your files.

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  • Organize Your AWS S3 Data

    Create logical groupings of associated or like files to better organize access patterns, privileges and rights.

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  • Analyze Your AWS S3 Data

    Easily model your data in S3 and run quick, ad-hoc queries with REST, and publish to your existing RDBM or visualization services.

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What is Smart Object Storage?

Chaos Sumo Smart Object Storage is transforming the way organizations are discovering and organizing their AWS S3 data, finally making it easy to see, use and extract value.

In a few clicks, Smart Object Storage allows you to eliminate the multi-step, multi-tool process of traditional ETL. Smart Object Storage normalizes all data sources into a universal format that can be organized and structured into a schema on read database. Programmable API extensions add intelligence and additional functionality to easily discover, organize, refine and analyze your data sets.

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Why Chaos Sumo?


Visibility Into Your AWS S3 World
Finally, see, catalog, and report on all of your data in one place. Never move your data out of AWS S3.
Point & Click Data Organization
Detect data duplication, know what to archive, and receive security notifications when files are public.
Self-service Analytics
Model your disjoined, disparate, messy data through a simple to use drag & drop UI.
On-demand, Elastic Environment
Chaos Sumo scales as you scale and will support your changing cloud environment.
Eliminate Burdensome Complexity
Consolidate multiple services into a single workflow to manage infrastructure, optimization and scaling.
Built for Enterprise & Perfect for Start-ups
An always-on, autoscaling service for massively growing data volumes – at a fraction of the cost.


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