Chaos Sumo is Smart
Object Storage

The easiest way to run ad-hoc queries on your data in Amazon S3... even the messy data

Quickly draw insights by analyzing all your data in Amazon S3. Query your data on the fly or easily publish result sets to Amazon Athena, Quicksight or other services for deeper analysis.

Did you know?

  • Chaos Sumo lets you get immediate insights from all your Amazon S3 data on the fly
  • No coding required, no scaffolding to build, and best of all never move your data
  • Simple to use design studio right within Amazon S3
  • Compare and contrast data from disparate data sources
  • Query data, create reports, visualize findings, and/or publish result sets to Amazon Athena, Quicksight or your analytics tools of choice
  • Blazingly fast – up to 4X faster than traditional solutions
“With Chaos Sumo, NOMAD can gain insights about our data in real time so we can move our marketing teams on demand without having to move our data out of S3”
- Jonah Friedl, CEO, NOMAD Technologies

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