Find & Catalog Your Object Storage, in Seconds

Instantly normalize and catalog your disparate object storage data sources including CSV, LOG, JSON, Text, XML and more, allowing you to easily discover and report what you have.


Quickly Discover What’s in Your S3 Buckets

By knowing what’s in your buckets you will finally be empowered to make more informed decisions. With ongoing data visibility, you’ll know what’s coming into your buckets, when it came in and who put it there. One-click cataloging helps you take informed action about which files to delete, which files to archive, and more.


Simplify S3 management

Save time by making your S3 buckets easy to access, search and report on. No need to manually export data or write custom scripts to determine what you have and where your files are stored.


Catalog and report

Get immediate visibility into the entire content of your buckets including content distribution by type, size and history — and whether your data is public or private. Easily detect if there are duplicate objects between buckets so you can cut down on storage costs.


Discover all data sources

You no longer need to spend hours wrangling all of your different data sources to make sense of it. Automatically discover and report on your data regardless of type, including CSV, LOG, JSON, Text, Image, and Video.


AWS S3 Data Discovery


What’s in your bucket?

Don’t be left guessing. Know what you have, where it came from, how old it is and if you need to take action for further analysis or security reasons.


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