Model & Analyze Your Data Directly in AWS S3

Easily model and analyze all of your data directly within AWS S3. Eliminate costly tools, collapse scaffolding, and accelerate time to business value.

Self-service analytics

Chaos Sumo’s built-for-the-cloud data modeling engine provides a high-performance, scalable solution for fast analytics. An integrated design studio allows you to be quick and nimble in accessing and analyzing your primary and secondary structured or unstructured data sources. Automatically model data sources to easily aggregate and correlate into query-able result sets – all in Amazon S3.

Refine and model your data

Collapse scaffolding

Eliminate ETL code and processes to accelerate time to insight. With automated normalization of any data source (e.g. sensor data, social media data, click-streams, location data, log files, etc) you can more easily aggregate, correlate and analyze all of your S3 data in one place.


Create Virtual Buckets

Through an intuitive drag and drop studio, users can clean, organize and sort data into result sets called Virtual Buckets. Virtual Buckets look and act like physical buckets with all the S3 compliant API support, but also provide database tables that can be easily queried and analyzed.


Query via REST

Once you have discovered, organized, and modeled your data, you can easily query directly in S3 for further insight. Using Chaos Sumo’s S3 compatible REST API you can perform ad-hoc queries, or publish Virtual Buckets to other services like Redshift, Elastic Search or Athena, or to visualization tools like Tableau or Looker.


S3 Data Modeling


Your intelligent data platform

With Chaos Sumo, you can quickly collect, transform and analyze all of your diverse data directly in Amazon S3 – corporate data, weblogs, clickstreams, event data and email – without moving it. Chaos Sumo breaks down the information silos by bringing all the data into a single place for analysis without the restrictions of schema, security, or authorization.


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