Organize Your Object Storage Data, In a Couple of Clicks

Instantly see and group all of your data by type, size, history. Create policies about what to archive or delete and establish privileges for data access.


Organizing S3 Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Eliminate the manual, time-consuming steps required to organize and manage your data. In a few clicks, understand what you have and automatically detect duplications, identify what to further analyze, or what to archive and delete.


Manage Your Data

See what you have

With a few clicks, you immediately have comprehensive visibility into your data including policies and role access, duplication detection, security notifications, broken down by type, size, and other shared characteristics.


Easily organize data

Your data is messy. Create logical groupings of associated or like files to better organize access patterns, privileges and rights. Once data is filtered and grouped, quickly create management policies that allow you to optimize storage and network costs. Save money with improved network utilization and better controls over what’s deleted or archived.


Establish roles & privileges

Comprehensive roles and privileges allow you to define and manage data access. With filtered access rights based on data type, size, history and object metadata, you can easily implement policies for managing the entire data lifecycle.




Optimize your data storage with smarter organization

With greater visibility you can make more informed decisions and save costs by deleting or archiving unnecessary files. Get control of data going in and out, and create efficiency with optimized role access and groupings.


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