Searchable Data Retention for Compliance

Ensure the quality, organization and accessibility of ALL long-term log and event data.

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Log and event data collection and storage is critical — some compliance standards mandate data retention for 7 years or more!

When facing an audit, the majority of employee hours are dedicated to simply chasing flat files around and attempting to extract the same types of data from all of them. Chaos Sumo assures that you have the right data at your fingertips, centralized and normalized to save time and resources when an auditor comes knocking.

Be Prepared For Your Audit
  • Have easy, organized and searchable access to your historic log and event data in seconds.
  • Ensure the quality, organization and accessibility of ALL your long-term log and event data.
  • More easily streamline and prioritize your team’s time and resources during the audit process.
Rapidly Search Historical Data
  • Rapidly search archived data without needing to re-import it into a separate database.
  • During an audit, more quickly utilize your fully indexed and centrally stored data in a standardized, universal format.
  • Reduce days and weeks of manual searching and querying historic flat files.
Run Compliance Reports
  • Get access to years of organized and structured historical data that is immediately available to be searched or queried.
  • Readily run reports on compliance requirements or important regulatory data.
  • Conduct ad-hoc search and queries over large, extended multi-year data sets

Rapidly search historical log and event files for compliance without re-importing data into a separate database

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