Chaos Sumo is
Smart Object Storage

Turns Amazon S3 into a hot, searchable, intelligent data store

Chaos Sumo is a discovery service for Amazon S3 that provides immediate insights into all your S3 objects.

Did you know?

  • Quickly discover the specifics of all your content in your Amazon S3 buckets – overall content distribution, structure, type, size and history of your objects
  • Auto-discover everything in your S3 buckets – sorted by type of data, age and contents
  • 360 degree visibility into what’s coming into your buckets, who’s putting it in, and how much it’s costing
  • Catalogs S3 and makes it searchable, exposing rich metadata that can be harvested for analytics
  • Non intrusive and supports all data types: CSV, LOG, JSON, Text, Image, Video
“For Discovery and Exploratory Analysis of Data within Amazon S3, our team of Solutions Architects leverage Chaos Sumo in scenarios including Machine Learning, IoT and Cloud Data Warehousing Ingestion Processing”
- Chris Barbanti, CEO of JetSweep

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