Key Features

Automatically group, index and analyze your long-term log and event data.


S3 Data Fabric

CHAOSSEARCH computational data fabric provides hot text search and relational query access to your existing cost-efficient S3 storage.

Zero Configuration Scaling

With a serverless, auto-scaling architecture, CHAOSSEARCH enables you to rapidly grow while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional ETL and database administration.

Data Grouping & Indexing

Automatically group, catalog and index your log and event data together based on type or source, reducing the time required to manage and organize your massive data stores.

S3 & Elastic API Querying

With CHAOSSEARCH’s automation and data fabric, easily search or query your data directly in S3 – Never move your data and eliminate ETL and database administration.

Relational Data Analytics

Easily aggregate and correlate your fully indexed log and event data from within your existing Elastic Stack for more sophisticated, relational analysis.

Kibana Integration

Easily search and visualize your data, and create custom dashboards to monitor integrated data trends across your Elastic Stack and CHAOSSEARCH analytics.

Zero Deployment

Get up and running in less than 5 minutes. No need for an architect or data engineer to start to see your data and get answers to important business questions.