Transform Your Object Storage Data Lake into an Intelligent Data Platform

Unify and Analyze Your Object Storage Data with One Streamlined Service


Chaos Sumo Features


Discovery & Cataloging

Catalog your S3 buckets to create a map of your object storage data broken down by type, size, history, public or private; identify duplicate data.

Object Grouping

Automatically find, associate and link all files with shared attributes (e.g. name, size, type, meta-tags).

Data Role AccessBETA

Easily provide access to certain files by role and create policies via Chaos Sumo to better govern valuable data stored in S3.

Data LifecycleBETA

Automatically take an action on your object groups based on your data discovery.

Data ModelingBETA

Universally normalize and model your data sources, adding structure and identifying trending information across all sources.

Data Refining with Virtual BucketsBETA

Virtually transform, aggregate and correlate a data source into a virtual structured, tabular format that can be easily queried.

Elastic QueryingBETA

Using REST API, autoscale your data to run quick    ad-hoc queries or take on massively scaling data sets as needed.

Programmable API

Extend the functionality of your applications to include storage, data processing, data refinement, and analytic capabilities, all in one place.