Historical Log & Event Analytics

Text search and relational queries from one platform.

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The prohibitive costs of storing indexed log and event data has prevented most organizations from keeping and analyzing their data over time.

Traditionally, organizations have had to either re-index, delete or archive valuable log data or move it out of Elastic and into one of many services in order to perform analysis. This is burdensome, time consuming and most of all, costly. Chaos Sumo enables you to cost-effectively store, scale, search and analyze ALL your historical data for insights that can be used for forensic search; to analyze performance over time; and to monitor anomalies for security purposes.

Run Text Search & Relational Queries - Within One Service
  • Easily conduct text search or more sophisticated relational queries including data aggregation and correlation, from within the same interface.
  • Fully index all your data automatically, reducing the overall size and cost of historical log and event data storage up to 10x.
Perform Trend Analysis and Identify Patterns
  • Search and analyze months and years of log and event data stored in S3 to identify trends and patterns.
  • Uncover information about your business – from performance trends to security anomalies – that doesn’t show up in a one month view.
  • Use long-term insight to inform product decisions, customer experience and help mitigate potential issues down the road.
Search S3 with the Elasticsearch API and Kibana
  • Chaos Sumo’s elastic data fabric tightly integrates S3 storage with the Elasticsearch API and Kibana interface.
  • Using Kibana within Chaos Sumo, you can easily search, query and visualize years of historical data, and immediately view previously cost prohibitive data sets.
  • S3 log and event data is now automatically grouped, indexed and searchable!

Find out what your historical log data is telling you about your business.

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