Serverless solution

Serverless, always on, highly scalable, zero admin – Chaos Sumo is completely serverless, so there’s nothing to manage. It is an always on data platform, and automatically scales up and down based on your workload. You don’t need to worry about configuration, or provisioning.

Data Discovery

Simple and fast discovery – Quickly explore what’s in your buckets and get immediate visibility into the structure and content, including overall file distribution, type, size and history of your files (e.g. csv, log, text, video, image). You immediately have greater insight into what’s in your object storage, in minutes!

Data Modelling

An intuitive design studio for in-storage data refinement and modeling – Through an intuitive drag and drop studio or REST based interface, users can clean, organize and sort data into result sets called virtual buckets. Virtual buckets look and act like physical buckets with all the S3 complaint API support. However, they also look and act like database tables, queryable through traditional analytical type functions.

Data Analytics

Chaos Sumo provides first order analytics directly within Amazon S3. With Chaos Sumo’s streamlined data pipelining, users can quickly discover what is in their buckets, refine the data into virtual bucket result sets to be queried via an intuitive User Interface (UI) or REST based APIs. All functions provide classic analytic search capabilities and aggregation, yet in a S3 experience. Or, data can quickly be cleaned and published to a higher level service, like a Redshift or Tableau.

Data Virtualization

Virtual buckets – Chaos Sumo creates an abstraction layer on top of your object storage and introduces a new concept, “virtual buckets”. Virtual buckets are a logical lens (or view) into data sources and support multiple modeling functions including aggregation, transformation and correlation. You can have as many virtual buckets as you want, they can be live and linked to physical buckets, which means when your physical bucket is updated your virtual bucket can be updated too, on the fly. And, unlike the traditional extract, transform, load (“ETL”) process, the data inside virtual buckets remains in place within your object storage.

Secure and Durable

Secure and durable – uses Amazon S3 as its underlying data store, which means your data is highly available and durable. Amazon S3 provides durable infrastructure to store important data and is designed for durability of 99.999999999{9520938b145fd1912b41ff6e393d721438ee069a40d655ce59342513e6a46e04} of objects. Your data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities and multiple devices in each facility.


Chaos Sumo turns Amazon S3 into an application framework in the cloud. It is a fully compliant S3 RESTful API where the underlying object storage (e.g. S3) is the backing store. Developers can build intelligent data pipelines; virtual ETL code, applications and triggers, right in S3. Object storage is streamlined and organized, can be instantly transformed, coded against, and queried on the fly.

Data Pipelining

Chaos Sumo removes classic data pipelining in both resources and code. With Chaos Sumo’s server-less architecture, data edging technology, and data virtualization functionality, users can design virtual data pipelines with a few clicks of a mouse or REST based APIs. This virtual data pipelining supports ingestion, transformation, and notification to ultimately be query against.