Live Long-Term Log and Event Storage

Cost-effectively store and search log and event data for weeks, months and years.

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Most businesses either limit indexing, archive or delete log and event data after a few days or weeks because it’s too expensive to store in Elastic Stack.

But, long-term log and event data can provide insight into product, customer and business patterns and trends over time. With a tight integration into Elastic Stack and S3, CHAOSSEARCH offers the world’s first cost-effective option for storing and searching log and event data for weeks, months and years.

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Keep ALL Log & Event Data for Months and Years
  • Quickly search years of log and event data via Elasticsearch API and Kibana.
  • New file format indexes data at 1/10th the size of Elasticsearch.
  • Store more log data, search more log data.
Automatically Catalog and Group Data
  • Automatically catalog and group log and event data as it streams into S3.
  • Create organized groups that can be independently managed and prioritized.
  • Manage data by source, type, format, date or S3 object tag.
Turn S3 Into a Searchable Elastic Cluster
  • Quickly move log and event data into a cost-effective warm cluster backed by S3.
  • Support both fast text search and relational queries from a single platform.
  • Reduce the size, cost and complexity of your hot Elastic Stack.
  • Refocus DevOps on more strategic initiatives.

Achieve long term visibility and insight into years of log and event data…at 1/10 of your current costs

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