Chaos Sumo Pricing

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Community Plan

For discovering & organizing your AWS S3 data


  • Data Discovery & Reporting
  • Object Grouping
  • Community Plan API
  • Unlimited Objects Scanned Per Day
  • Out of Region Data Access – Up to 10Gb/Month
  • Email & Slack Support

Premium BETA Plan

For discovering, organizing, refining & analyzing your AWS S3 data


(during Beta)

  • All Community Service Features
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Query & Analytics
  • Premium Plan API
  • Unlimited Objects Scanned per Day
  • Customized Beta program
  • Email & Slack Support


Pricing FAQ

1. Is the Community edition free forever?
Yes! The Chaos Sumo Community service is free forever. We are committed to building a strong community of users who need help with managing their cloud data. We will continue to enhance the free service feature set and look forward to working closely with our users to build out a data management and analytics platform that meets the needs of the community. We’re always looking for feedback so feel free to reach out to us at or Slack.

2. What will happen if I exceed 10Gb of out of region data access?
Don’t worry, we won’t turn off your service! The Community service caps the out of region data access at 10Gb/month. If you exceed this, you will receive an in-app message that we cannot process data beyond the monthly limit. If you are interested in pulling out more than 10Gb/month of data, get in touch at and we can discuss the options.

3. What can I expect from the Premium Beta program?
Chaos Sumo is seeking to establish a close partnership with an exclusive group of users who we believe can have a profound impact on the future of Smart Object Storage and direction of the Chaos Sumo service. We are looking for early adopters who see a compelling business case for the Chaos Sumo Smart Object Storage data management and analytics service on AWS S3. This program is not a traditional beta program and will be a close collaboration with for the purpose of confirming and establishing market value, service functionality and highly compelling use cases. For more information about the Premium Beta program, contact us at

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