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  • 5,400GB total storage
  • No limits on seats or # users
  • Incluces full API access
  • Text search and relational queries

CHAOSSEARCH is solving critical and complex problems without sacrificing quality and cohesiveness, all while keeping the cost extremely competitive.”

Mo WajdanLead Software Architect, Jitterbit

Pricing FAQ

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is for two weeks. Then you must select a paid plan to continue using CHAOSSEARCH.


Do I need a credit card to sign up for the free trial?

No, the trial period is free.


How much data can I trial with?

We provide 20GB of free data for testing. Keeping you running is our first priority. We won’t cut you off. If you exceed the 20GB of free data just give us a call.


What features do I get during the trial period?

During the trial period all features are enabled.


How do I get support during the trial period?

Yes, all trial customers will receive full support during the trial period. Once you become a customer, 24×7 Technical Support is an optional paid addition to the service. Inquire with your sales contact to include this option to your order.


Do you offer custom plans?

Yes, if you think your data volume will exceed any of our plans we will work with you on a custom plan.


Does CHAOSSEARCH offer an annual subscription plan?

Yes. CHAOSSEARCH annual plans provide a 15% discount in return for a prepayment of fees for the year. Contact for more information.


Can I change plans at any time?

You may change tiers or subscription levels at any time. All subscriptions are prepaid for the month, so any increases will be prorated for the remaining days in the month. Contact the CHAOSSEARCH sales team to help you find the right plan for your needs.


What is the process for getting started?

Getting started with CHAOSSEARCH is easy. Signup takes less than 60 seconds. From there we will set up an on-boarding call to walk you through the platform and get you started. Your full-featured trial provides 20GB of data for the duration of the trial period.


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