What is Smart Object Storage?

The simple answer – Smart Object Storage™ is “object storage with more intelligence,” offering an extension to the basic features object storage provides.


With that said, Smart Object Storage is, first and foremost, actual AWS S3 object storage PLUS valuable management and analytic extensions that historically have never been available with traditional object storage.


What’s even better, is there are no design or architectural changes required to use Smart Object Storage on top of existing object storage services such as Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Chaossumo.io is Smart Object Storage and like S3, it’s an always-on, elastic service that works within Amazon’s AWS cloud. Yet, unlike S3, Chaos Sumo introduces built-in, one-click intelligent data management and analytic features and functions.

Chaos Sumo Data Pipeline

Our first release of chaossumo.io is focused on easy S3 data discovery and reporting for anyone who needs to understand what they have in their S3 buckets and wants to start to organize and manage the data more efficiently. The Chaos Sumo service is an abstraction layer to S3 in which basic object storage features such as PUT, GET, LIST are pass throughs to your underlying S3 storage. Either our service or S3 can be used to enable these base features. The chaossumo.io service offers a browser-based console and REST-based API just like S3. However, the “Smart” features are accessed through these Chaos Sumo interface.


So what makes these additional features smart? Well, let’s first outline the definition of Smart:


  • Clever and Sharp
  • Clean and Neat
  • Quick and Swift


Achieving these aspects of “smart”, applied to object storage, is what Chaos Sumo is delivering to users today. How are we doing this?


Clever: Under the hood of the Chaos Sumo service is a new technology we call Data Edge and is the “clever” in our story of Smart Object Storage and the engine that powers it.


Clean: The “clean” component is the data discovery, reporting, and organization that the Chaos Sumo service provides to transform the messiness of S3 into a clean, neat, and tidy database.


Quick: Fast time to value is the experience we want users to have as they try to get to the answers from within their data. With CHAOSSEARCH, you can do more, faster and easier, without a lot of expensive resources. The intelligence facet of Smart Object Storage is the streamlined data capabilities and the automation around it.


Smart Object Storage collapses traditional scaffolding for data cataloging, data processing, and data analytics into an easy to use and streamlined service, built on top of traditional object storage. The magic that enables our service to be smart and simple, is Data Edge, allowing customers to focus on the value of data and not the complexities of owning it. In a nutshell, Smart Object Storage takes the back-end mess out of data analytics, allowing S3 Admins, Data Analysts and Data Scientists to be more productive.


The future is clearly bright for object storage and the growing interest in data lake architectures. Smart Object Storage is a key aspect to delivering on this premise and promise. Get started for free today!