Technology and Integrations

The technology behind CHAOSSEARCH.


CHAOSSEARCH is the industry’s first cloud-native, long-term log and event data analytics service that runs on Amazon S3, delivering historical search and machine learning analytics intelligence over years of data.

Built from the ground up utilizing industry-leading technology, CHAOSSEARCH is a scalable, always-on data fabric around S3 that decouples storage from compute, resulting in a high-performance distributed architecture allowing businesses to cost-effectively store and search long-term log and event data stored directly within their own S3 infrastructure. With S3 and Elasticsearch API extensions and Kibana built directly into the console, SaaS and software-driven businesses can now store and access terabytes of historical log and event data.




An always-on service on AWS that doesn’t need to be provisioned, configured, or managed.


CHAOSSEARCH is Fast. Built on a patent-pending, distributed, high-performance data fabric that decouples storage from compute.

Reduction in data footprint

CHAOSSEARCH Data Edge technology reduces the footprint of indexed data by 80%.


A high-performance distributed data fabric reduces cost and complexity.


Fully automate and streamline log and event data discovery, organization.


Store, search, query, and visualize terabytes of data from a single console.

Secure and Durable

Securely and reliably collect, organize, store, search, and analyze log data at massive scale.

Reduction in data footprint

CHAOSSEARCH Data Edge indexing is designed for large scale execution, solving four major limitations found in big data: representation, preparation, transformation, and analytics. Using Data Edge, data indexed is compressed by up to 80%, dramatically reducing your data storage footprint and costs.

Data Size = Data Cost

Instantly Reduce Your Indexed Data Footprint with CHAOSSEARCH.

Your Raw Log & Event Data

* Data indexing size may vary based on data type.


CHAOSSEARCH Integrations


CHAOSSEARCH is a new search and analytics service on AWS. The service uses “your” S3 account and transforms it into Intelligent Object Storage. It’s a new approach to log and event management. CHAOSSEARCH looks and feels just like S3, but with added analytic functionality.

Elastic Search

CHAOSSEARCH turns S3 into a warm, searchable Elastic cluster. The service includes a read-focused Elasticsearch-compliant API. Data stored in S3 can quickly be discovered, organized, and indexed, available to be searched, like it was an actual Elastic cluster.


The benefits of transforming S3 into an Elastic Cluster is the ability to use Kibana visualization “as-a-service”. CHAOSSEARCH has integrated the open source tool Kibana directly into the console, allowing users to quickly turn raw data in S3 into visualized insights.


CHAOSSEARCH Architecture

CHAOSSEARCH is architected to support massively growing data sets and is 100% elastic by design. Based on the specific selection of modern technologies, customers can be confident they are using a service purpose-built for scalability, durability, and security.