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Check out the technology behind the Chaos Sumo service.


Chaos Sumo Technology

Chaos Sumo is the industry’s first secure, cloud-native, long-term log and event data analytics service for Elastic Stack, delivering historical search and machine learning analytics intelligence over years of data.

Built from the ground up utilizing industry leading technology, Chaos Sumo is a data fabric that extends Amazon S3 to include Elastic Stack functionality. Chaos Sumo is a SaaS offering that allows businesses to quickly derive insights from long-term log and event data stored in S3 via the Elasticsearch API and Kibana – at a dramatically reduced data footprint and cost.



Built on a patent-pending, distributed, high-performance data fabric designed to revolutionize data analytics.


A service requiring no provisioning or configuration of data infrastructure.


High-performance distributed data fabric reduces cost and complexity.


Fully automate and streamline log and event data discovery, organization.


Centralized service that provides both text search and relational queries.

Secure and Durable 

Securely and reliably collect, organize, store, search and analyze log data at massive scale.

Chaos Sumo Data Indexing

Data Size = Data Cost

Instantly Reduce Your Indexed Data Footprint with Chaos Sumo.

Your Raw Log & Event Data
Chaos Sumo Indexed Data

* Data indexing performance may vary based on data type, data size, and source.

Chaos Sumo Data Edge is a high-performance, full-featured data format with compression and indexing technology that uniquely solves four major limitations found in the big data space: representation, preparation, transformation, and analytics. Data indexed using the Data Edge format is compressed by up to 80%, dramatically reducing your data storage footprint and costs.

Chaos Sumo Integrations

S3 – Chaos Sumo is a service based on an S3-compliant API designed for long-term log and event management and analytics. The Chaos Sumo service extends S3 to include data discovery, organization refining, and analytic functionality. Customers can use either the S3 or the Chaos Sumo interface to store and retrieve data. Typically the S3 service is used to store data, and the Chaos Sumo service is used to streamline and automate thet traditionally burdensome process index and analyze the data.

TensorFlow – Chaos Sumo offers a tight integration with TensorFlow. Chaos Sumo turns TensorFlow machine learning software libraries into a complete end-to-end service, streamlining supervised and unsupervised analysis of S3 data. The Chaos Sumo console includes TensorBoard visualization, allowing users to more easily visualize and understand the powerful Tensorflow data analytics.

Kibana – The benefits of conceptually transforming S3 into an Elastic Cluster is the ability to use Kibana visualization “as-a-service” to add powerful visualization to the overall data analytics strategy. The Chaos Sumo console includes Kibana, allowing users to quickly turn raw data in S3 into visualized insights.

Elasticsearch – Along with Chao Sumo’s unique S3 analytic extensions, the service includes a read focused Elasticsearch-compliant API. With just a few clicks from the Chaos Sumo console, data stored in S3 is automatically indexed and ready to be searched, similar to an Elastic Cluster.


Chaos Sumo Architecture

Chaos Sumo is architected to support massively growing data sets and is 100% elastic by design. Based on the specific selection of modern technologies, Chaos Sumo customers can be confident they are using a service purpose-built for scalability, durability and security.

Achieve long term visibility and insight into years of log and event data…at 1/10 of your current costs.

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