Data Edge Technology

Chaos Sumo Data Edge is a significant advancement in object storage that reimagines data discovery, refinement, and analytic challenges, solving them all within one technology, across data sources and use-cases. As a new file format, Data Edge uniquely solves four major limitations found in the big data space: representation, preparation, transformation, and analytics. By unifying these aspects into one functional authority, Data Edge eliminates the need for costly and time consuming processing and infrastructure.

Chaos Sumo Data Edge Technology



Chaos Sumo Architecture


Chaos Sumo Architecture

Built from from the ground up on AWS, Chaos Sumo is elastic, serverless, and cloud agnostic, requiring no administration and delivered as a turn-key cloud service.

Chaos Sumo is architected to support massively growing data sets and is 100% elastic by design. Based on the specific selection of technologies below, Chaos Sumo customers can be confident they are using a service purpose-built for scalability, durability and security.

  • UI via Angular-2, S3 API via Akka HTTP
  • Docker Swarm / Akka Cluster via EC2
  • Discover, Refine, Query via Scala/Akka
  • Object Storage (Customer data & Data Edge)




Chaos Sumo API

Chaos Sumo is Smart Object Storage — an abstraction layer that extends the S3 API and adds both data management and analytic functionality to AWS S3. Chaos Sumo requires no application changes to your existing S3-based design or architecture, and the service looks and acts like S3 but with more high-value features.

With the Chaos Sumo service, developers can:

  • Use S3 object storage like an application framework.
  • Simplify application workflows by modeling, transforming and querying data directly on top of their object storage.
  • Transform mobile devices and website storage access from basic asset retrieval to interactive business logic.

To learn more about the Chaos Sumo API, visit Chaos Sumo Documentation.




Chaos Sumo API

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